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This portfolio piece is my Bradley University statement of interest – a brief introduction to myself, my passions, and what I hope to achieve at college. I produced this statement carefully, striving for effective language and economical vocabulary. I was told that my statement was “excellent” and that it was exceptionally well written. I believe it played a large role in my application process – and is almost certainly a factor in my acceptance and enrollment into the University.


This creative piece was made for a class in my freshman year of college – Interactive Design. It was created with Adobe Illustrator and went through countless iterations. I had many of my peers review and critique my work to produce the final version. It is meant to represent a fictional annual music festival in Arizona, in which people from all over the state come to visit for the many activities and music. I received praise for my work and it met the criteria and expectations of the assignment.


This short excerpt is taken from my most recent passion project – a novel, titled Rhythm of a Dying Star. It is the “hook” of the story – the opening passage, and is a short piece that I display to showcase my english language prowess and my ability to thoughtfully convey emotion in my writing. This went through many iterations, and is intended to immerse the reader in a poetic opening of an emotionally charged story. It was recieved extremely well, and I heard from many of my peers that it was the strongest of my work thus far – and that they couldn’t wait to read more.

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